Our history at a glance

     Hanoi School of Business and Management (HSB) is a uniquely autonomous School among 13 member schools/universities of Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU), was founded on 13th, July 1995 by prominent late Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Dao, a beloved teacher and the first director of VNU. Since then, HSB has become a pioneering & reputable education center in Vietnam for MBA and executive training. For the last 23 years, generations of HSB lecturers, students and staff members have tried hard not only to develop HSB but also to transfer the name of HSB to become a leading and credible brand name in terms of interdisciplinary training programs on business and management, and to expand HSB brand to regional countries and worldwide.

    HSB is the first business and administration training school in Vietnam to be granted by Vietnam National University (VNU) for a highly autonomous status in academics and a full autonomy in finance. It can be said that since Vietnam’s open door economy policy in 1986 until now, Vietnam has yet no other progressive education model like HSB. Throughtout the history of HSB since 1995, HSB has never used a single state budget but with the financial support and donations from alumni's enterprises and organizations, and tuition fees, HSB has developed its strong academic foundation with innovative school model, sustainable development based on 04 princibles or 04 pillars: Public, Autonomous, Not-for-profiT, PPP.

    Thanks to the continuous efforts and achievements, during the last 23 years, HSB has received the support and encourage from the country's leaders and the Vietnam National University Hanoi. HSB was honored to welcome many government leaders such as: His Excellency (HE) Le Kha Phieu, former Party General Secretary; HE. Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong former Hanoi Party Committees General Secretary and now party leader; HE. Vu Khoan, former Deputy Prime Minister...

    HSB history has been shining with its outstanding culture that respects teachers and moral principles, and the innovation and community spirit. These cultural values have attracted top-quality teaching team including leading academic professors and management specialists, who contribute to the development of HSB's special training programs with up-to-date teaching technologies that help our students grasp necessary knowledge and improve their professional skills.
      HSB history also has been built up by tremendous supports and friendship from sponsors and international prominent lecturers who have joined HSB research and teaching teams, and those who have showed their love to Vietnam and their passion to help HSB students.

Prominent Achievements

    Today HSB has become a leading and reputable brand-name in Vietnam for various bachelor, master and doctoral programs, executive management training and other consultancy for both public and private sectors with more than 13.000 joyful and successful alumni, among which there are many ministers, vice ministers, famous CEO and executives of Vietnam.

HSB is well-known as the first training institute in Vietnam to receive ISO certification for all of training and consultancy activities. Currently, HSB has the cooperation relationship in terms of researches and training courses with many international prominent scientists and famous universities in the world such as: University of Queensland (Australia), IPAG Business School (France), Nanyang Business School (Singapore), National University of Singapore (NUS)... International cooperation activities have been enhanced including the exchange of teaching staff, learners, and experts for various associated programs. Learners have chances to join different type of programs, from certificate programs to degree programs, and enjoy short-term training courses overseas.

    For science and technology activities, HSB teachers and researchers have accomplished many scientific research programs and technology projects. Prominently, HSB has completed a number of training and consulting projects for re-structuring companies and strategies, and many researches on sustainable development, non-traditional security, management technology and innovation...


New Developments

    Since 2014, HSB Brand Name has been shining brighter when the school successfully implemented new and interdisciplinary master training programs, which are attracting a lot of attention and appreciation of learners and social groups. Two of these unique programs are Master of Business Administration (HSB-MBA) conducted in English, and a Master in Management of Non-traditional Security (MNS). After 03 administration rounds, there have been 06 classes for HSB-MBA and HSB-MNS with the number of nearly 300 students.

    HSB keeps leading and innovating and striving to be the pioneer in the interdisciplinary research and training in Vietnam as well as Asia. HSB owns intellectual property rights and have exclusive contracts with authors and lecturers for more than twenty new interdisciplinary subjects/disciplines, which contribute to the sustainable and outstanding competitive advantages of HSB. HSB owns the rights to five programs: HSB-MBA (Master of Business Administration); MNS (Bachelor, Master, PhD in Non-traditional Security Administration); MET (Bachelor of Science in Management Enterprise & Technology), DMS (PhD. in Management and Sustainable Development); MOTE (BSc, MSc, PhD of Management Of Technology & Enterprise).

    For science and technology, HSB is developing resources to enhance its scientific research groups and technology commercialization teams, including designing new interdisciplinary training programs, implementing training courses, and applying results of researches in practical businesses that makes contributions to the sustainable development of Vietnam. Besides the area of business management, HSB is investing more in the fields of applied science and technology researches for the new developments, such as: Management of Non-traditional Security, Management of Public-Private Partnership, Management of Technology and Innovation.






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