VNU and IBK: Strengthen cooperation in training hight quality manpower

On March 22 nd, 2018, President of VNU Nguyen Kim Son had a meeting with President, CEO of Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) Kim Do Jin.

Attending the meeting, on behalf of IBK was Choe Sung Jae - Vice President of IBK in charge of Global business; Mr. Park Seong Ho - General Director in charge of Global Business; and senior IBK staffs.

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President Kim Do Jin of IBK expressed his impression with the history and achievements of VNU. He hoped that the two sides would strenghthen cooperation in education and training, especially in the context of IBK is expanding the market as well as striving to become a 100% foreign owned bank in Vietnam.

President Kim Do Jin believed that human resource is the main development direction of IBK, and the cooperation between VNU and IBK would offer oppertunities for IBK’s staffs to attend high quality management training programs. At the same time, he also affirmed that IBK would facilitate and promote cooperation with VNU in this field for the upcoming time.

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Speaking at the meeting, President of VNU Nguyen Kim Son said that the presence of a prestigious and influential bank as IBK in Vietnam contributed significant support for business and development of economic cooperation between the two countries. President Nguyen Kim Son believes that the visit of the President of IBK on the occasion of accompanying the President of the Republic of Korea to visit Vietnam not only reflects the trust of a large Korean business with a leading university in Vietnam but also strengthens the diplomatic relation between Vietnam and South Korea.

VNU is one of the largest Korean language and cultural education institution in Vietnam and has long term cooperation with Korean partners such as Seoul National University, Changwon National University, Pony Chung scholarship, Korea Research Assistance Fund,etc. President Nguyen Kim Son hopes that the cooperation will be developed day by day.

President of VNU hoped that Mr. Kim Do Jin, as the CEO of IBK, would spend his time to arrange lectures or talk show for students of finance and banking sector of VNU. He proposed to support, introduce and select graduated students to have internship course at IBK. Along with that, VNU is ready to organize various short courses on culture, country, people, and business characteristics of Vietnam for IBK employees.

At the meeting, President of IBK awarded VNU 500 millions to VNU. To express the gratitude to the support of IBK, President of VNU said that VNU would use this funding to provide scholarships for outstanding students, and hopes that IBK Scholarship Fund would be established in the future.

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Previously, on Jun 19th 2017, Hanoi School of Business and Management (VNU-HSB) and the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) signed an MOU on training high quality human resources.

According to the MOU, VNU - HSB facilitates IBK’s staff to attend management training programs that are validated by VNU - HSB and supports IBK learners during their studies. For its part, IBK offers opportunities to recruit trainees and facilitate internships for VNU - HSB students in accordance with IBK's internal recruitment rules and procedures. The two sides have also jointly organized seminars and exchanges of experiences on issues of mutual interest such as banking management, risk management, project finance, foreign exchange and derivative business, etc.


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The Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) is an industrial bank headquartered in Jung-guSeoulSouth Korea. The bank was established in 1961. It is owned by the Government of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) in which the government holds 61,9% of the shares, with the main role is developing and supporting small and medium enterprises. IBK now has a total of 663 branches nationwide, with a total staff of over 13,500. In Vietnam, IBK locates its branches both in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

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